10 Best Price Comparison Shopping Channels in Germany

If you are an online merchant looking to expand your reach in Germany, there are hundreds of channels you can try to advertise your products on, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best price comparison channels in Germany.

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Moebel moebel

Moebel is Germany’s largest source of furniture and anything furniture related. They host more than 3 million products and have some of the best offers from 250 shops. Before becoming an active merchant on moebel, they take the time to test and certify your shop.

Moebel feed specifications.



Billiger is one of the largest German marketplaces. They bring in over 2 million users a month and provide them access to 22,500 shops. They claim to have 5,000 different categories of products, from high end phones to pet food.

Billiger feed specifications.



CrowdFox was established in 2013. Since then, they have grown to become one of the largest marketplaces in Germany. CrowdFox claims to have prices that are about 10% cheaper than most other marketplaces. They also provide a full warranty and return policy.

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Geizhals is another large online marketplace that aims to offer price comparison for multiple categories of products. Their primary focus is on electronics, entertainment, toys, and pharmaceuticals.

Geizhals feed specifications.



Guenstiger is a large German marketplace that focuses mostly on electronics. They provide offers to more than 2,000 different online retailers and try to maintain the most user friendly experience possible. Guenstiger also ensures that every merchant goes through a thorough screening process to make sure they are up to company standards.

Guenstiger feed specifications.



Preis is a German marketplace that brings all types of products to its users. They allow users to compare over 180 million offers from about 50,000 unique stores. They are focused on creating a user friendly environment that is quick and easy to use. They also have a mobile app that is designed to make the experience even easier.

Preis feed specifications.



Uvinum is an online marketplace for wine, beer, spirits, and other alcoholic drinks. They provide a social experience for people who want to try new drinks and discover what others like at a reasonable price. Uvinum makes it very easy to compare prices and reviews, whether it be by professionals or casual users.

Uvinum feed specifications.



Idealo is a large price comparison channel that has gained great popularity in Germany. They work with more than 50,000 merchants and offer over 330 million products. With several awards in service and reliability, idealo is an easy choice for many.

Idealo feed specifications.



LadenZeile was launched in 2009 in Germany. Since then, they have grown to work with more than 3,500 online stores. They have also expanded their service to several other countries, increasing the number of people they are able to reach out to.



Real is an online price comparison channel that focuses on food. Real works with about 280 stores in Germany. Besides fresh produce and meats, real also offers home electronics and various housing goods.



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