Optimize data at scale with custom business rules

Format data for each shopping destination or enrich it to benefit your own platform

Data Capabilities: Optimization
Optimizing your product data

Optimizing your product data for multiple shopping destinations?

Every advertising channel and marketplace has product listing requirements, but merchants need to go beyond the bare minimum if they want to stand out. Filling in as many attributes as possible, front loading titles, and categorizing products accurately are just a few ways to optimize your data and improve search relevancy.

Feedonomics has a team of feed specialists who stay up-to-date on each channel’s best practices and provide dedicated support for brands, retailers, and agencies.

Enriching other’s data for your platform?

Ecommerce technology solutions, job boards, and other aggregators who receive data from different sources also need a scalable way to format it according to their specifications. Our team can create custom transformer rules to enrich this multi-vendor data quickly and efficiently, enabling you to improve search performance on your platform.

No matter what optimization means to you, Feedonomics has a solution for your unique situation. Tell us more about your business so we can tailor our technology and service to you.

Enriching other data for your platform

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