10 Best Price Comparison Channels for Apparel in the Netherlands

If you are an online merchant in the Netherlands, there are hundreds of channels you can try to advertise your products on, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best advertising channels to be on in the Netherlands.



With over 2.5 million users generating about 9 million page views a month, Fashionchick is one of the most popular advertising channels in the Netherlands. Fashionchick provides access to hundreds of online stores and lets you compare prices with ease.

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Frendz is an advertising channel that focuses on current trends. Compare prices from some of the finest independent brands, stores, and designers. Frendz also offers a social component for those who want to contribute to the fashion community.




Kleding is a fashion focused channel that advertises products from independent merchants to leading designers. Kleding offers products from the most recent fashion trends and has some limited exclusives, as well.


To be Dressed

to be dressed

To be Dressed is another apparel channel that brings big brand names and independent merchants to the Netherlands. They host a large number of retailers and even more products. To be Dressed also lets you easily see the various sales merchants offer throughout their stores.



Beslist has become the largest online advertising website in the Netherlands. They host over 10,000 stores, total over 25 million products, and are visited by half a million shoppers every day.

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Koopkeus is a great price comparison channel in the Netherlands that is host to more than 6,000 web stores. Thousands of new products are added daily, making it a great place to compare prices for anything from apparel to electronics in the Netherlands.

Koopkeus feed specifications.


OO Shopping

oo shoping

OO Shopping has a large selection of products to advertise, from clothing accessories to electronics. Catering to merchants who also have physical stores, OO Shopping is a great way to move your store into the online environment.




Scoupz has products from a wide range of merchants in the Netherlands. They offer tools that make precise price comparisons, allowing customers to find the best deal possible.

Scoupz feed specifications.




Sooqr is a search engine based in the Netherlands. You can quickly pull up the most relevant sites and searches, even when you have typos. Sooqr can learn from your searching behaviors to give you the most accurate results, making Sooqr a very powerful price comparison tool.

Sooqr feed specifications.




Vergelijk is one of the largest product and price comparison sites in the Netherlands. They allow you to compare prices from over 1,055 stores. This Dutch price comparison website hosts over 2 million products from local and online stores, giving customers a great platform to compare prices with ease.

Vergelijk feed specifications.


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