Effortlessly Aggregate and Manage Job Listings

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Create dynamic web crawlers to pull data from any career page or ATS.


Have complete control with customizing your feeds.


Full-service feed set-up, optimization, and ongoing maintenance.



• Manipulate data in any file format (CSV, XML, etc.) and from any source (FTP, URL, API)

• Aggregate listings from all your sources and export to any media partner’s required format

• Process millions of job listings in seconds

• Incorporate reporting metrics to take a data-driven approach

• Set-up custom career page scrapes in just a few hours

• Monitor and manage thousands of ongoing scrapes in a single unified dashboard

The Problem

You have job listings coming in from many different clients, and these listings are in different formats. So, How do you STANDARDIZE the data for efficient ingestion and meaningful output?

  1. How do you INPUT all the data into ONE system?
  2. How do you MANAGE, MANIPULATE and ENRICH that data for meaningful output?
  3. How do you SIMPLY output this data with MAXIMUM efficiency?


So, what are your options:

  1. Manual input using human manpower – costly, inefficient and un-scalable
  2. Off the shelf software – not many options
  3. Customized software development – expensive, requires costly maintenance for changes


Perhaps you should consider – Feedonomics Job board Solution

  • No internal programmers or programming skills needed
  • Full service set up and maintenance at no extra charge
  • No costly set up fees
  • Most flexible—able to handle simple and complex tasks
  • Minimizes Time and Labor so you can get started quickly
  • Price performance leader


In addition to aggregation and  job scraping, or job wrapping, Feedonomics also allows for powerful customization.

  • Access our proprietary feed management platform to customize your own feeds
  • Create and split-test multiple titles for each position to appeal to a wider audience
  • Easily expand posting locations for maximum geographic exposure


  • Full-service feed set-up, optimization, and ongoing maintenance
  • Pro-active feed “health” monitoring and alerts
  • 24/7 technical support based in the US and UK
  • Continuously expanding knowledge base

We Feed from Any ATS, Including:

Export Yahoo Store Products
Export Bigcommerce Products
Export OpenCart Products
Export Magento Products
Export WooCommerce Products
Export Volusion Products