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Easily Aggregate and Manage Job Feeds

Why choose Feedonomics as your job wrapping partner?

  • All file formats and ATS platforms are supported.
  • Create a feed from any custom website through scraping.
  • Monitor thousands of scrapes in a unified dashboard.
  • Process millions of jobs in seconds.
  • Create and split-test multiple titles for each position.


“The most powerful data feed automation technology” – Adhawk

Onboard a new client within hours, rather than days or weeks!
(Yes we can turn scrapes around that quickly!)


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“The Feedonomics team had been able to transform our data to meet all of our requirements, including setting up secure SFTP connections. We have dramatically improved our ability to leverage our clean data feeds in many more ways. Now, we are better than our data!”

Marv Ahlstrom, Search Manager, HD Supply FM

“Feedonomics helped us to achieve a 65%+ improvement in turnaround time for all feed-related tickets. When we began our relationship, they sent us one of their experts to train my in-house team. The training and support we have received from the Feedonomics team is unparalleled. We now have far more control over our thousands of client feeds. ” Read More

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“Having JP as our rep is essentially like having a whole other internal team member who is wholly dedicated to our feed management. I’ve called him some variation of “a lifesaver” or “my hero” a dozen times in the last 6 months, and I meant it every time”

Katie Breen, Marketing Manager, Shinesty

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Meet the dedicated team that works tirelessly to deliver results and provide full-service 24/7 support.

Feedonomics can even expand a single job posting and city to multiple locations to appeal to a wider audience.

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