Idealo Feed Management

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Idealo is a German Price Comparison engine for products, flights, and even hotels. It’s one of the largest price comparison engines in Europe, and especially Germany.


What kind of Feeds does Idealo accept? 

Idealo accepts feeds in either CSV or XML format.


What data fields does Idealo require in feeds?

Idealo requires the following fields:
product group
product name – your product title
mpn – your manufacturer part number
EAN number (important)
ISBN (for books)
Price in GBP (incl. VAT)
Product image link (largest version/preferably several images to create a gallery, with each in its own column)
Shipping costs – different columns may be used here for different payment types, if applicable
Deeplink to a detailed product page – your product landing page URL
Delivery time (recommended)
Brief product description (optional) (max 1000 characters)
Category-specific product attributes (e.g., color, size and material)
If applicable, the base price (Rs. 300/litre)
Energy efficiency class (only for products that require this information)

You should also have a header line in your feed that clearly names each and every column in the same order the data appears.


How important is optimization to your Idealo Feed
Idealo says “Please note that informative, detailed offer information helps optimise our offer processing. This processing is important in ensuring that users can find your offers on our site. Offers with incorrect or missing data may go unlisted. ” Thus it is of paramount importance to correctly optimize your Idealo feed.


What if you change the structure of your Idealo product feed? 

If you make changes to the structure of your feed (ex: adding a new field, or switching the field order), you should notify Idealo technical support.

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