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Automotive Product Feed Management

Whether you are selling new cars, used cars or car parts online you will face fierce competition. Managing your product inventory online and making sure your products are visible can be tricky. Not only do we help to optimize your product feeds to all relevant channels like Google Shopping, Google Adwords, Adwords Remarketing, and Facebook Remarketing, but you also get a committed partner guiding you through the process.

The Feedonomics platform has experience with large scalable Automotive campaigns, handling hundreds of auto dealers as well as auto part clients with hundreds of thousands of SKUs.



Using Feedonomics intelligent platform you have the following options. Let’s look at each solution separately:

Auto Parts Feed (Online product visibility)

Dynamic Text Ads (Best option for Car Dealers)

Remarketing on Google & Facebook (Bring your visitors back to increase chance of closing sale)

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And the best part about our platform? We offer full-service, so you can kick back and watch your profits increase.


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“The Feedonomics team had been able to transform our data to meet all of our requirements, including setting up secure SFTP connections. We have dramatically improved our ability to leverage our clean data feeds in many more ways. Now, we are better than our data!”

Marv Ahlstrom, Search Manager, HD Supply FM

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“I had used GoDataFeed for a while with two clients, where it took me two to three hours to set up a specific set of rules that optimized the product titles in the feed. When I wanted to do the same in Feedonomics I was done in 15 minutes. Amazing part about Feedonomics is that it’s actually full-service.”

Andrew Lolk, Lead PPC Manager, Founder SavvyRevenue & PPC Profit

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“Feedonomics helped us optimize our feeds for Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Pepperjam, Criteo, and Facebook. We fully appreciated the attention to detail from the Feedonomics team and the fantastic service from start to finish”

Eric Elliott, General Manager / Director of eCommerce, Ambush Board Co

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“Having JP as our rep is essentially like having a whole other internal team member who is wholly dedicated to our feed management. I’ve called him some variation of “a lifesaver” or “my hero” a dozen times in the last 6 months, and I meant it every time”

Katie Breen, Marketing Manager, Shinesty

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Meet the team that works tirelessly to deliver results. We strive to exceed expectations and form long term relationships with our clients.

If you are unsure if your Google feed is currently optimized, make use of our FREE feed audit and get valuable insights.