Instant commerce with Feedonomics

Enable fast, same-day delivery and in-store pickup with key programs

Instant commerce with Feedonomics

Today’s shoppers want their products instantly, and businesses need to be able to scale to meet customers’ rapidly growing demands.

Instant commerce

Nearly 90% of consumers are willing to pay for same-day (or faster) delivery after purchasing online

Instant commerce

More than half of digital shoppers checked online for product availability at a nearby store

Feedonomics helps businesses unlock more revenue streams with instant commerce programs from marketplaces and delivery app providers. For businesses with physical retail locations, instant commerce partners enable you to provide both in-store pickup and fast, same-day delivery.

How instant commerce works

Fulfill your omnichannel priorities by bridging the gap between purchases made online and getting customers their products as fast as possible.

How instant commerce works

Who is instant commerce for?

Brick-and-mortar brands and retailers with a robust network of locations or warehouses are an ideal fit, but these programs also make sense for businesses with the following characteristics:

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Close proximity to metropolitan areas

Maximize efficiency and customer accessibility

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Minimum five or more retail locations

The more the better to be able to reach more shoppers

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Product average sale price > $25

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Existing marketplace sellers

Already selling on Amazon or Walmart, DoorDash, Uber, or Instacart?

Why partner with Feedonomics?

Along with aiding you in the application process and helping you get started on these programs faster, there are numerous benefits to partnering with Feedonomics:


Reduce integration friction

Feedonomics simplifies APIs and provides clear integration roadmap to streamline integration


Improved performance with higher quality product data

Data transformations increase channel search relevancy


Integration efforts generalize across programs

Feedonomics accelerates connection to each instant commerce channel


Deliberately control product assortment

Business users can easily control which in-store products they opt into programs

Get started with any of our instant commerce programs today.