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Ecommerce channels and the tech industry
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Online shopping channels, review platforms, search and merchandising solutions, and other ecommerce systems need optimized catalog data to function effectively.

These platforms use product feeds to populate marketplaces, power algorithms, and enable specific services. They often rely on in-house IT resources to ingest merchant catalogs and format data accordingly, but these processes can take time without the right technology in place.

Feedonomics uses its powerful platform and full-service support team to scale data ingestion, automate catalog optimization, and speed up onboarding time.

Why use Feedonomics?

Our feed management platform is built to handle large product catalogs and complex data setups.

  • Import merchant catalogs in any format, at any size, and from any source
  • Optimize product data according to your specifications to maximize service or platform performance
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These are some of the companies we’ve helped:

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