2023 merchant trends report

As leaders in the ecommerce space, Feedonomics and BigCommerce are fortunate to manage tons of data for merchants around the world, and we want to share the insights we’ve gathered with you. Learn which channels are popular among merchants, how consumers are spending, and what businesses can do to keep up with the pace of commerce.

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  • Changes in year-over-year gross merchandise volume by product category
  • Which new marketplaces merchants added most
  • Trends in orders and average order value
  • Growth in mobile and social commerce
  • The popularity of buy now, pay later

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Trends in mobile commerce

“BigCommerce merchant data shows that overall gross merchandise volume for mobile commerce increased by 1%, orders decreased by nearly 6%, and average order volume went up by 7%. This dynamic—the growth of average order volume alongside a decrease in orders—stands out across our collected data…”

Trends in mobile commerce, page 6

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