In addition to our industry-leading technology, our unique culture defines how we live our values every day.


Our core “Feed On” Principles

Sweep the sheds

Never be too big to do the small stuff

Go for the gap

Look for opportunities in everything you do

Play with purpose

Always ask Why?

Pass the Ball

Leaders create Leaders

Create a learning environment

Leaders are Teachers

No egos

We have no place for people who put themselves ahead of the team

Embrace expectations

Always look to improve and do better

Train to win

Practice, preparation, and training will allow us to achieve our goals

Keep a blue head

When stressed or under pressure, stay relaxed, focused and center yourself

Know thyself

Keep it real and self reflect to ensure continuous improvement

Invent your own language

We have our own language and customs that bond us together


Don’t be good….be Great! We can always push ourselves a little bit more

Ritualize to actualize

Our rituals become the glue that solidifies our culture

Be a good ancestor

Make a mark! Leave Feedonomics in a better place for those that come after us

Write your legacy

How do you want to be remembered?

Find out why the world's most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics