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Client confidentiality is sacrosanct to Feedonomics. We are the secret sauce behind some of the largest agencies, brands, and retailers in the world.


We typically do not share who our clients are. Below is a sampling of some clients that have asked us to share our partnership.

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“At HD Supply FM we started off thinking we would use Feedonomics simply to optimize our Google Shopping feed but quickly realized we needed it for many other applications. I managed the search program for a large B2B ecommerce site with over 70,000 products online and 44 distribution centers in the US and Canada.


We wanted to expand our new customer acquisition through paid search but had struggled to get our data into the category format required by Google. Initial campaign tests though our PPC agency for Google Shopping were mediocre at best and we felt that the reason was data formatting. Large enterprise and even medium-size companies in our space often rely on vendors supplied data. I often think of the saying, “you’re only as good as your data” and since we receive our data from over 1,000 sources that data can be incomplete or formatted in multiple ways.


Consolidating our data feed into Feedonomics not only allowed us to transform our data into the required Google Shopping formats but we then turned on Bing Shopping and kept going from there. When I showed Feedonomics to our data governance team they immediately recognized several ways they could begin to normalize brand names, acronyms, materials and sizes to improve our faceted data.


Our distribution centers rely on the same data for our audio enabled product picking system as it reads off the titles and descriptions. When abbreviations are used production slows as warehouse pickers cannot understand what is being said. Now we are taking a closer look at all of our value add vendors that rely on our data streams to provide PPC, SEO, retargeting, on-site recommendations and reviews. They all have specific data requirements even down to character level for special encoding of ASCII characters.


The Feedonomics team had been able to transform our data to meet all of our requirements, including setting up secure SFTP connections. We have dramatically improved our ability to leverage our clean data feeds in many more ways. Now, we are better than our data!”

Marv Ahlstrom
Search Manager
HD Supply FM



SeatGeek works with Feedonomics

“Feedonomics has revolutionized how SeatGeek handles its product feed and has greatly expanded our ability to run compelling dynamic ads.


There are two reasons why we would strongly recommend working with Feedonomics: The incredibly flexible platform and the excellent full service customer support provided by the Feedonomics team.


As a non-traditional e-commerce platform that sells tickets to live events rather than physical products, most dynamic ad vendors are not tailored to meet SeatGeek’s needs. As a result we need our feed to be customized and manipulated in a number of complex ways. We are yet to make a request that the Feedonomics platform and team have been unable to fulfill. They stand out as a vendor that really goes above and beyond for their clients – particularly when you consider just how affordable they are.”


David Kaye
Growth Marketing Manager



“Feedonomics is my current favorite for feed optimization and it’s down to one single reason: The interface.


The ability to just write with “code” makes it much easier and faster to find what you’re looking for. This directly translates into how fast you can “write” new rules for your feed optimization. I once did a test. I had used GoDataFeed for a while with two clients, where it took me two to three hours to set up a specific set of rules that optimized the product titles in the feed. When I wanted to do the same in Feedonomics I was done in 15 minutes.


Another amazing part about Feedonomics is that it’s actually full-service. They will do the work for you as long as you make the requests. This is also why their platform is so much faster to work with – because they work with it daily themselves. I can’t tell you how many tools I’ve tried over the years where it’s evident that the people building it stopped using it a long time ago.”

Andrew Lolk
Lead PPC Manager, Founder
SavvyRevenue & PPC Profit


“The Feedonomics FeedAMP™ solution automated the full marketplace order process for our brands on Amazon and eBay. After Feedonomics solved our feed issues, we now have more products listed on our two eBay Stores than we did with our previous solution provider, and our sales are reflective of that.


Feedonomics was also able to solve a problem that the others couldn’t relative to Amazon’s “Pending” order status. Many of our products have low stock, and when that inventory isn’t immediately reserved while the order is in Pending status, you can run into oversold situations, which could lead to a suspension.


Feedonomics solved this problem effortlessly. In addition to marketplaces, Feedonomics also helped us optimize our feeds for Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Pepperjam, Criteo, and Facebook.


We fully appreciated the attention to detail from the Feedonomics team and the fantastic service from start to finish.”

Eric Elliott
General Manager / Director of eCommerce
Ambush Board Co

shinesty logo

“JP has been nothing short of amazing as an account rep. He is super responsive to questions and requests, and gets things done fast. He is also an incredible partner who is thoughtful and proactive about how we could improve our business operations. He has helped us brainstorm new and creative solutions to issues, and get onto new platforms quickly. He has saved us hours upon hours of time! Having JP as our rep is essentially like having a whole other internal team member who is wholly dedicated to our feed management. I’ve called him some variation of “a lifesaver” or “my hero” a dozen times in the last 6 months, and I meant it every time!”

Katie Breen
Marketing Manager


“We have been very happy with both the technology and service that we have received from Feedonomics. As a smaller agency with clients across a wide range of verticals we only have a few active shopping campaigns currently. Feedonomics made it possible to assemble a good feed for one of the very few clients we have where the site development and programming handled by a 3rd party. For our other shopping campaigns I have direct access to the programmers and can pull almost anything I need out of the site into a feed, either directly or with some manipulation applied. That said, the potential value that I see in moving more of our clients into Feedonomics is the ability to pull in outside information to give our shopping campaigns a competitive boost.”

Kyle Crocker
Online Marketing Analyst
The Karcher Group (TKG)





“Ken is one of the best customer success reps I have ever worked with across the vast number of tech partners we have. He makes himself accessible at all times, which helps with the anxiety level that our merchants have. He makes merchants truly feel that Feedonomics is invested in their success, not the other way around. From the opening sales process / demos with potential merchants of ours, to the final deal close – he embodies what it means to provide white glove service. We feel super comfortable with him, and consider him an extension of our team.”

Nihar Kulkarni
VP Business Development
Roswell Studios




“Our agency had been using Excel for shopping feeds and had no idea of the time savings that Feedonomics could provide us. After converting all our feeds to Feedonomics we were not only pleasantly surprised at the huge amount of time that the platform saved us, but every one of our clients’ performance on Google Shopping improved exponentially. We were also able to start feeding to other Comparison Shopping Engines that we were not able to before.”

“We have been using Feedonomics holistically for all our feed management. The system is exceptionally flexible and allows us to perform data mapping and optimization that we never were able to before. The ability to identify better performing SKUs and not feed the SKUS that are not performing has taken our feed management to another level. The service and expertise of the Feedonomics team is amazing and they are always there to help us with challenging feeds and are truly knowledgeable in all aspects of shopping management.”

“We were really impressed with the Best Practice audits Feedonomics performed for us. This used to take a significant amount of time and our analysts were still missing problems in our feeds. Now we can actually see that our feeds are flawless and that product titles all contain brand, color, gender, and size. After cleaning up our feeds, we saw a big increase in our clients’ results.”

“The tool sets are so powerful, we were able to clean up all our client’s feeds in days. I love the support. Whenever I have an issue, the Feedonomics team responds within a few hours with incredibly insightful solutions.”

“We have several feeds with over 500k products, and not only did it not break the bank, but we were also able to finally able to send out these giant feeds hourly. What really helped in expanding to other shopping engines was the convert category function, which allowed us to instantly convert thousands of different product types to the taxonomies of new channels.”

“I love how Feedonomics works on any device without needing to download bulky software. As the director of paid search, I love being able to check on the status of feeds straight from my phone, and the Google Merchant Center alerts are awesome. My team no longer has to check Google Merchant Center accounts multiple times a week.”

“The rules were so easy and more powerful than other cookie-cutter tools.”