Our capabilities

As a platform-agnostic service provider, Feedonomics has the flexibility to handle a wide range of data management use cases

Data Capabilities

Our feed management platform and FeedAMP technology enable scalable ingestion, optimization, order synchronization, and more data capabilities, which power our evolving suite of full-service solutions.

Scalable ingestion from any data source

Import data from different sources in order to optimize or standardize it within the Feedonomics platform


Standardize data from different sources quickly and efficiently

Feedonomics formats data according to your specifications to ensure consistency

Optimize data at scale with custom business rules

Format data for each shopping destination or enrich it to benefit your own platform


Syndicate data anywhere you want, instantly

Our feed management platform can send data to any internal or external system on a schedule

Protect your data and your business with custom alerts

Our data governance systems detect unusual data changes and prevent bad exports from going through

Order syncing

Sync orders and inventory reductions across your existing systems

Automate order and inventory management for 300+ global marketplaces with Feedonomics

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