Going full-service with Feedonomics

A lot of companies like to say they offer fully managed solutions, but what does that really mean? At Feedonomics, full-service means working together to create a personalized journey, from onboarding through ongoing support. Take a look at our process and tell us if this is the type of relationship you’re looking for.

Good Sports Goods (GSG) is a sports equipment and apparel retailer based in the United States. The company has 200,000+ SKUs, a few brick-and-mortar stores, and an ecommerce website that brings in decent traffic. GSG advertises its products on Google Shopping, but the company hasn’t had the success it hoped for.

It regularly deals with item disapprovals and other errors, which have resulted in Google Merchant Center (GMC) account suspensions in the past. GSG has tried other legacy feed solutions, but the company didn’t receive hands-on support with feed issues.

GSG wants to advertise products on new channels, but its limited in-house resources and up-and-down experience on Google Shopping has made the company hesitant to expand.

To address these challenges, GSG started working with Feedonomics in January 2021.

Onboarding for multichannel success

Meet Michael, GSG’s dedicated feed manager

Because of his familiarity with Google Shopping’s listing requirements and best practices, Michael is named GSG’s feed manager, the company’s dedicated point of contact for feed support, product optimization, data protection, and more.

Dedicate a feed manager to Feedo Sports
Create a personalized onboarding plan for Feedo Sports

A personalized onboarding plan

Michael creates a personalized onboarding plan for GSG, taking into account the company’s GMC issues and desire to expand into new channels, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and Microsoft Advertising. 

Did you know?

Feedonomics supports hundreds of paid search, social media, and affiliate channels.

Expert support from a team of specialists

Michael sets up a kickoff call to introduce GSG to other members of Feedonomics’ support team—including GSG’s account manager, Brianna—and share the next steps in the feed management process.

Build relationships with the Feedo Sports team
Import Feedo Sports' data from multiple sources

Time to bring in the data

Feedonomics uses its flexible technology to pull GSG’s product data from BigCommerce, Google Sheets, and other third-party platforms and combine it within the platform.

Did you know?

Feedonomics can import data from any source via URL, SFTP, or API and accepts all file types, including CSV, XML, JSON, and more.

Is there anything else we can improve? 

After importing GSG’s data, our operations team reviews it to identify any missing information, potential challenges, and opportunities for optimization.

Review Feedo Sports' data to identify areas for improvement
Update and review the onboarding plan with Feedo Sports

Let’s review the plan and execute

Based on the results of the data review, Michael updates the onboarding plan to factor in the necessary product data optimizations before finalizing it with GSG.

Building, optimizing, and pushing the feeds live

A unique Shopping feed for Google

Once the onboarding plan is approved, our feed build specialists create a Google Shopping feed with the data optimizations Michael and the GSG team agreed upon.

Build Feedo Sports' Google Shopping feed
Identify additional optimization opportunities

Are more optimizations possible? 

Additional opportunities for data optimization often emerge during the feed build stage, and our specialists work with GSG to make the appropriate updates.

GSG’s data is optimized, now let’s protect it

As part of the feed build process, Feedonomics also creates custom data governance rules—such as GMC error thresholds, import and export alerts, and inventory warnings—to protect GSG from item disapprovals and account suspensions.

Did you know?

Feedonomics can create custom alerts for any field at the import or export level.

Apply data protection rules
Run quality assurance (QA) on the feed build process

Assessing feed quality

Feedonomics’ QA team performs more than 50 checks on GSG’s feed build, ensuring our team optimized it to expectations and is following the plan we outlined during the onboarding call.

It’s time to go live

Our team coordinates with GSG to ensure a seamless experience as its optimized feed goes live in GMC.

Push Feedo Sports' optimized Google Shopping feed live
Ensure a successful kick-off period

Ensuring a successful kickoff

After GSG’s Shopping feed goes live, our feed specialists monitor it closely to identify additional opportunities for improvement, address any issues that arise, and future-proof the feed to prevent recurring errors.

Expanding to more channels scalably

After aligning with GSG on its goals for additional channels, our team builds new product feeds that follow the best practices for Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and Microsoft Advertising.

Expand to additional channels

GSG’s feeds are live on multiple channels—now what?

Coordinate monthly calls with Feedo Sports

Monthly calls with Michael

Michael coordinates monthly calls with GSG to discuss ongoing optimizations, campaign and feed alignment, and service requests, such as custom labels and A/B testing.

Regular feed monitoring and maintenance

Our team monitors GSG’s feeds on a regular basis to address errors and ensure Michael has visibility into all opportunities for improvement.

Monitor the health of Feedo Sports' feeds
Provide 24-7 support for any issues that arise

24/7 support for any issues that arise

Along with Michael’s hands-on service, Feedonomics’ global support team is also available 24/7 to handle any requests GSG has, including setting up promotions in GMC and Microsoft.

Did you know?

We guarantee one-hour response times for urgent requests and three-hour response times for standard requests.

Exploring growth opportunities

Brianna also coordinates regular check-ins with GSG to discuss opportunities for growth, including the company’s desire to expand into marketplace channels, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Target Plus.

Explore opportunities for growth
Drive Feedo Sports' expansion into marketplaces

Building a presence on marketplaces

GSG decides to build on its multichannel advertising success by selling its products on marketplaces, so Feedonomics dedicates a marketplace feed manager—Alexa—to begin the onboarding process.