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Our feed management platform can send data to any internal or external system on a schedule

Data Syndication

Send product listings to multiple shopping destinations

Building an integration with every sales channel you want to advertise or sell products on isn’t sustainable. Feedonomics already has those connections established, and our team of feed specialists stay up-to-date on each channel’s requirements to ensure your listings get approved any time you push new products or update existing data.

Our platform can syndicate your optimized product listings to hundreds of shopping destinations around the world, on your preferred schedule.

Prevent overselling and product disapprovals with Event-Based Real-Time Sync

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Syndicate data to other end points or systems

Brands and retailers aren’t the only businesses who need to send data from one location to multiple destinations on a specific schedule. Car dealers, real estate firms, and distributors—just to name a few—also have large amounts of data they need to send to different endpoints or systems on a regular basis. Feedonomics enables this process at scale.

Our flexible platform can format data to fit any destination’s set of requirements, and our team can schedule exports as often as you require it (up to every 15 minutes).

Data Syndication

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