Feedonomics for Marketplaces

Unlock more revenue-generating opportunities for your business

Feedonomics automates product listing and order management, giving you the time and data flexibility to expand your ecommerce business.

Meeting buyers where they are is only part of the equation

Nearly 45% of consumers1 start their product research on marketplaces, but listing your products on top shopping destinations like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Target Plus doesn’t translate to immediate success.

That’s because selling on marketplaces isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Marketplaces data flow

Manual processes, unreliable data synchronization, and limited integration capabilities prevent many merchants from listing products on a single channel, let alone multiple marketplaces with varying data requirements.

The right tech stack can automate certain processes, but it still takes time and resources to optimize your product catalog according to the best practices for every channel.

Hey, that’s what we do!

Feedonomics dedicates its full attention to product feed management so you don’t have to, resulting in:

Expanded Reach on Marketplaces

Expanded reach on marketplaces

On average, Feedonomics customers add nearly two new channels

Expanded Reach on Marketplaces

Better data synchronization

Synchronize your data more efficiently across all of your platforms and systems

Expanded Reach on Marketplaces

More time for other initiatives

On average, Feedonomics customers save more than 20 hours per month on feed management

Prevent overselling and product disapprovals with Event-Driven Real-Time Sync

Find out more about Event-Driven Real-Time Sync

A multichannel order management solution

Feedonomics for Marketplaces

Feedonomics for Marketplaces is a fully managed solution that automates product listing, catalog optimization, and order and inventory management for 300+ channels.

Our solution combines powerful technology with a team of support specialists who are available 24/7, enabling Feedonomics to create a full-service feed management experience for sellers.

Marketplaces Multichannel Order Management Solution

Did you know you can leverage Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment via Feedonomics?

What can you expect from working with us?

Let some of our customers tell you.


Generated 31% in new company revenue in its first month on Amazon and eBay.

Additional business outcome

Establishing a sustainable business model through multichannel marketplace expansion.

We absolutely love the Feedonomics team. [Our feed manager] has been a complete rockstar making sense of our complicated catalog, getting us to try new apps for the perfect feed, and simply building the feed we needed for the marketplaces we wanted to enter.

Brent Rangen
COO at Norton Hurley


Sold nearly twice the amount of Aventura clothing on Target Plus compared to Sportif's website.

Additional business outcome

On the heels of its success, Sportif began developing new products specifically for Target Plus.

I don't think you could ask for a better service response.

Mike Youngblood
Vice President of IT Systems at Sportif


Outdoor lifestyle products

Groove Life's challenge

Managing its Amazon account and expanding into new marketplaces as a team of one.

Once I found Feedonomics, we quickly jumped from one marketplace to a total of eight now in a matter of months. Feedonomics has been a game changer!

Ticia Workman
Director of Marketplace Growth, Groove Life

What does Feedonomics for Marketplaces provide for my business?

Dedicated marketplace specialists and global support

Dedicated marketplace specialists and global support

Product optimization and catalog listing

Product optimization and catalog listing

Data protection and error monitoring

Data protection and error monitoring

Automated order management

Automated order and inventory management

¹Inriver. Inside the mind of an online shopper. 2021. Available for download online.

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