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Crowdfox is a German online platform that connects traders and buyers


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How to create a Crowdfox product feed

You can register a Crowdfox account by completing this short online form here:


Required Crowdfox feed fields with a description in each field

Field Name Short Description
Product identity number Unique ID code for the product which can be the SKU (stock keeping unit).
Product image URL Link to the product image on the website.
Product name Full name of the product. Max 255 characters.
Product price Numerical figures and decimal point only, no currency symbols or letters.
EANEuropean article number.
Delivery time How long it will take to get the product delivered (e.g. 2 weeks, 1-3 days, etc.)
Delivery cost How much postage and packaging will cost. Numbers and decimal point only, no symbols.
Legally required product informationThis is anything that is required by regulators, e.g. price per litre.


Optional Crowdfox feed fields with a description of each field

Field Name Short description
Product brand Name of the brand or manufacturer of the product, e.g. Apple.
MPNManufacturer part/product number
Product URLLink to the product page on the website.
Maximum number sold Maximum number of units of the product that can be ordered.
Product category Can include sub-categories, e.g. Electronics>Laptops>Apple Laptops
Additional images Up to 3 additional images of the product can be added.
Product descriptionFull description of the product. Max 5000 characters.
Base price per unit e.g. 10.99/ 50ml


What formats does Crowdfox accept

Files need to be submitted to Crowdfox in CSV format.


How to send your product feed to Crowdfox

The file needs to be stored in a URL so that Crowdfox can upload.


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