Enable your distribution network to sell more, faster

Ingest and standardize data from suppliers and send curated data to your distribution network

B2B Manufacturers and Distributors
B2B Manufacturers and Distributors

Onboard suppliers or vendors

Distributors and retailers receive product information from a variety of suppliers or vendors, and because this data comes from different sources, it’s often formatted inconsistently and missing key values. It takes extensive development resources or manual effort to import, clean up, and structure the data properly, which slows down merchant onboarding.

Feedonomics automates key data management processes to reduce costly overhead, speed up time to market, and improve catalog performance.

How we do it

B2B Manufacturers and Distributors

Ingest supplier or vendor catalogs in any format, at any size, and from any source

B2B Manufacturers and Distributors

Standardize product data to fit your specifications and ensure consistency

B2B Manufacturers and Distributors

Enrich listings to maximize performance on your platform and external sales channels

Distribute data to partners

If you’re a manufacturer, distributor, supplier, brand, or association, you understand the unique challenge of enabling your distribution network. Whenever you send product catalogs to your partners, the data must be formatted according to their ingestion requirements, which requires a significant engineering effort.

Instead of allocating time and resources for each export, let our data management platform do the hard work for you.


Feedonomics helps organizations at various stages of the supply chain send customized, curated data to their distribution partners at scale

Here’s some of the functionality our platform unlocks for you:

B2B Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Send feeds in any file format (CSV, XML, JSON) and on any schedule
  • Visualize and manage hundreds of outgoing catalog exports within a single dashboard
  • Create logic that customizes product information and pricing for each partner
  • Use customizable alerts to ensure that data flows correctly to all partners and that errors are addressed quickly

These are just some of the companies we’re simplifying B2B data flows for:

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Learn how much easier onboarding and distributing data can be with Feedonomics.

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