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Our data governance systems detect unusual data changes and prevent bad exports from going through

Data Capabilities: Data Protection
Data Protection

Some product data errors are inevitable

Shopping channels update their listing requirements frequently, and the sheer amount of data in large product catalogs makes it impossible to prevent every inconsistency.

Our platform ensures those unexpected issues don’t cause major problems.

We have systems in place to continually protect your data

Feedonomics has systems in place to monitor your data, flag potential issues, and notify the right people to address them. Our dedicated feed specialists troubleshoot these errors and work with you to resolve them as quickly as possible, helping you maximize product uptime.

Data Protection

We safeguard your business by triggering a variety of responses to changes in your data:

Data Protection

Alerts that warn you of potential issues or missing values

Hard stops that prevent bad data from being published

Inventory buffers that prevent overselling

Random sampling to check data quality within large catalogs

Automated retries for imports or exports that time out while processing

Data tracking to spot discrepancies

Export conditions for outbound data

The Feedonomics platform has enabled us to not just fix issues, but identify problems that we didn’t know we had. Issues that are way, way upstream in our data pools that we’ve been able to flag, get looked at, and have resolved before they even get to us.

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