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Guenstiger is a German price comparison website featuring offers from over 2000 online retailers ranging from consumer electronics through to household, leisure and vehicle products.


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How to create a Guenstiger product feed

You can apply to become a dealer with Guenstiger by completing this online registration form:


Required Guenstiger feed fields with a description of each field

Field Name Short Description
Product IDEither EAN (European article number) or UPC (Universal product code).
MPNManufacturer part/product number.


ISBNInternational standard book number.


Product nameName or title of the product. Max 80 characters. Do not include the manufacturer name.
Product descriptionDetailed description of the product. Max 500 characters.


Product priceCurrent price of the product, excluding shipping. Decimal point and currency symbol can be included.
Product URLLink to the product page on the website.


Product categoryThe category to which the product belongs.


Product image URLLink to the product image on the website, in JPG or GIF format. Minimum 100 x 100 pixels.
Stock/delivery time statusHow long it takes to get the product delivered. Max 50 characters.
Shipping costsFull costs of shipping via a secure payment method, in Euros.



Optional Guenstiger feed fields with a description of each field

There are no specific optional fields listed. However, you can create your own fields as required and submit them to Guenstiger.


What formats does Guenstiger accept?

You can send files in CSV or TSV format. Guenstiger’s file reader cannot read a typical XLS file. If you cannot submit in TXT (either CSV or TSV), email


How to send your product feed to Guenstiger

Files should be stored in a live URL location.


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