Billiger Feed Management

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Billiger is a large German price comparison website.


How to create a Billiger product feed


You can register an account with Billiger by completing this form:


Required Billiger feed fields with a short description of each field


Field Name Short Description
SKU/AIDStock keeping number or application identifier. Unique number to identify your product.
Product name Product name, not including any advertising text. Maximum 255 characters.
Product price Full price including VAT, excluding shipping choir. Numerical value and decimal point only, no currency symbols.
Product URLLink to the product page on the website, including ‘http://’
Product category You can include multiple categories, e.g. Electronics>Photo & video>Digital cameras>Compact digital cameras.
PZN*Pharmaceutical central number (pharma zentral nummer). *Only required for pharmaceuticals sold in Germany.


Optional Billiger feed fields with a short description of each field


Field Name Short Description
Product brand Manufacturer or brand name.
MPNManufacturer part/product number.
GTIN/EANGlobal trade item number or European article number.
Product image URLLink to the product image on the website, including ‘https://’. Must be at least 200 x 200 pixels in JPEG, PNG or GIF.
Delivery time How long it takes to get the product delivered.
Delivery cost Shipping costs. Numerical value with decimal point, no currency symbol.
Product description Full and detailed description of the product. Include as much information as you can. Maximum 5000 characters.
Base price per unit If the product is priced according to units of measurement, e.g. 9.99/100 ml.
Old price If product is offered at a sale or discount price, you can add the original price here. Numerical value with decimal point, no currency symbol.
Promo textAny promotional text for the product, e.g. coupon campaign. Maximum 100 characters.
Voucher text Voucher/coupon code in numerical or alphanumeric format. Please contact Billiger for activation of this feature.


What formats does Billiger accept?


Billiger accepts files in CSV or TXT formats. These can be compressed in ZIP or GZIP file format.


How to send your product feed to Billiger


Your file needs to be provided in a URL location. It can be provided in a protected area, but you will need to provide user name and password details.

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