The data optimization engine for your campaigns

Boost performance while saving time and resources

Unlock more revenue streams

Unlock more revenue streams

If high-quality data drives successful ad campaigns, then think of Feedonomics as the optimization engine powering your performance across search, social, affiliate, and remarketing channels.

There’s a reason leading brands like Dell, PUMA, New Balance, and Fox Racing trust Feedonomics with their product feeds.

Our middleware platform not only connects you to the top shopping destinations, but also streamlines multiple ecommerce processes to take the burden off your internal teams.

Learn how Feedonomics can help scale your ecommerce business.

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Free up in-house resources for other projects

"Aside from needing raw data enhancements from time to time, we have completely removed the need to have our developers support the marketing team in regard to feed maintenance and updates. This has freed up well over 100 hours of development time every year."

down arrow 43%

Feedonomics customers spend 43% less time per week on feed management.

According to a 2023 Feedonomics customer survey

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Improve your ad performance

"The great data-quality adjustments Feedonomics provides lead to ad personalization with higher click-through rates and conversion rates than the average ad."

According to a 2023 customer survey, the average Feedonomics customer sees a...

up arrow 19%

return on ad spend

up arrow 16%

click-through rate

up arrow 15%

channel revenue

up arrow 14%

conversion rate

...across search, social, affiliate, and remarketing channels.

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Protect your listings and revenue with data safeguards

"Our data governance is almost foolproof now with so many different alerts set up across the board."

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Feedonomics reduces the frequency of weekly product errors, warnings, and suspensions by nearly 50%.

up arrow 70%

When errors do occur, our team helps solve them 70% faster.

According to a 2023 Feedonomics customer survey

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Keep your business running smoothly with full-service, 24/7 support

"The assistance we've received has been exemplary. Whenever we have questions, they are answered promptly and with detail, and the monthly catch-up we have has been great for discussing optimization tips and strategy ideas."

After working with Feedonomics and Brave Bison, New Balance saw a:

up arrow 95%

return on ad spend

up arrow 22%


up arrow 15%

conversion rate

down arrow 38%


Event-Driven Real-Time Sync

Real-time data sync

Update any attribute in real-time to prevent overselling and product disapprovals.

Partner programs

Omni partner program

Our program provides additional growth opportunities, such as ad credits, access to pilot programs, and free omni consults.

Channel support

Channel support

Feedonomics can send your product feeds to hundreds of global shopping destinations.

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