Migrate data to another system more efficiently

Clean up, transform, and upload data into a new system without using developer resources or other tools

System integrators

Whenever system integrators (SIs) need to migrate data from one ERP, PIM, or CRM to another, they often rely on Excel or other custom development tools to make it happen. Not only are these workarounds costly, inefficient, and time-consuming, but they also limit how much control and visibility all parties have over and into the data.

Feedonomics simplifies data migration for SIs with its powerful platform

System integrators
System integrators

A flexible, functional platform

Our middleware platform connects with a variety of ecommerce systems and enables multiple data management processes at scale:

  • Export data from the old system
  • Strip out bad information
  • Remap columns
  • Transform values
  • Upload clean data into the new system

Using Feedonomics for data migration

There are additional benefits to using Feedonomics for data migration:

  • Our platform allows non-engineers to visualize and query large data sets that would otherwise crash applications like Excel and limit direct visibility to engineers
  • Feedonomics allows SIs to show clients before and after data states, which powerfully validates the migration effort
System integrators
Feedonomics works phenomenally well when it comes to preparing files for data migration. It got all of the stuff I hate doing out of the way, like parsing some random flat file, and other things that don’t interest me as a programmer. I just popped in a CSV with 500,000 rows, waited three minutes, and then all of the data was exposed to me like a database. The platform turned tasks that would have taken 45 to 50 minutes into about 30 seconds because I could iterate a single transformer or tweak the shape of the output files so quickly.

We’d love to learn more about the data you’re migrating and where it’s going.

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