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Job Boards and Employment
Job Boards and Employment

Data challenges

Job boards, syndication platforms, and classifieds have to overcome two main data challenges before they can host job listings on their sites:

  • Importing data from a variety of sources
  • Standardizing it to fit the desired specifications

As you can imagine, job information gathered from thousands of employers doesn’t come in a consistent format. It takes significant development resources to gather the data and format it accordingly.

Most organizations try to manage these processes in-house, but they struggle to keep up with the volume and intake. Scaling your operations is difficult when you have to dedicate so much time and money to data management.

Our platform

Feedonomics has the power and flexibility to ease the burden on your development team.

  • Crawl customer sites to extract relevant job info
  • Import that data into our platform
  • Standardize it according to your requirements
  • Send it to your desired location in one unified format

Want to add fields or make slight alterations to specific listings? We can accommodate additional specifications off an existing template, too.

Job Boards and Employment

Results a well-known job aggregator has seen with Feedonomics

faster onboarding time

daily crawls

in-house management

Feedonomics has become a fantastic resource for us. When we began our relationship, they sent us one of their experts to train my in-house team. The training and support we have received from the Feedonomics team is unparalleled.

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