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How to create a product feed

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Required feed fields with a description of each field

Field Name Short Description
Product ID<art_nr>Unique code or number to identify the product.
Product name<art_name>Name or title of the product.
Product description< art_beschreibung>Short description of the product.
Product quantity<art_menge>Number of units in stock.
Product URL<art_url>Link to the product page on the website.
Product image URL<art_image_url>Link to the product image on the website.
Product price<art_preis>Full price of the product.
Currency<art_waehrung>What currency the product is sold in.
Delivery costs< art_lieferkosten>How much it costs for postage and packaging.
Discount price<art_streichpreis>Reduced price, if applicable.
Delivery time<art_lieferzeit>How long it takes for the product to arrive.
Shipping costs to other countries<art_versand_sonstlaender>How much it costs to ship abroad.
Product assembly<art_montage>Information on how to assemble the product.
Product assembly price<art_montagepreis>How much it costs to have the product assembled.
Product availability<art_verfuegbarkeit>Whether the product is in stock, out of stock, on order, etc.
Product color<art_farbe>Color of the product.
Main color<art_hauptfarbe>Main color of the product.
Material<art_material>Material used to make the product.
Main material<art_hauptmaterial>Main material used for the product.
Style< art_stil>What style the product is in.
Product brand< art_marke>Brand or manufacturer of the product.
Product category<art_kategorie>What category the product comes under.
Extras<art_extras>What extras are included with the product.
Product use<art_verwendungsort>What the product is used for.
Product manufacturer<art_hersteller>Manufacturer of the product, if different from the brand.
Additional image URLLinks to additional images on the website. Up to 3 additional images.
Product dimensions<art_masse>Size dimensions of the product.
Product width<art_breite>Width of the product.
Product depth<art_tiefe>Depth of the product.
Product height<art_hoehe>Height of the product.
Product diameter<art_durchmesser>Diameter of the product.
Filling material<art_fuellmaterial>Material used for the filling in the product.
Efficiency rating<art_efficienzklasse>Efficiency rating for product.
Lockable<art_abschleissbar>Whether the product is lockable.
Variable features<art_variable_faecher>What variable features the product has.
Number of drawers<art_schubladenzahl>How many drawers the product has.
Frame material<art_gestell_material>What material the frame is made out of.



What formats does accept?

Feeds should be formatted in CSV, TXT, or XML.

CSV and TXT are the preferred feed file types for


How to send your product feed to

Files should be stored in a live URL location.


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