Create Dynamic Adwords Text Ads From Your Feed

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Easily create and manage text ad campaigns from your product feed


Automatically pause out of stock items whether you have thousands or millions of products


Full-service set-up, optimization, and ongoing maintenance.



• Automatically create inventory aware campaigns, adgroups, ads, and keywords using your feed data

• Automate the pausing and unpausing of products based on out-of-stock vs in-stock availability

• Alter variables in the ad copy without losing your performance history

• Synchronize your text ads with your feed as often as you need

How can you leverage your optimized product feed for text ads?

There are many ways to structure an Adwords campaign – segmenting by product category or by brand are two of the most common. But what if you could create dynamic text ads that are inventory aware, meaning you can pause ads when a product goes out of stock, and vice-versa?

You could have a dynamic text ad for each and every product, so when someone searches for your exact product, you would have higher relevancy than the rest of the competition. You can even have keywords targeting exact matches or broad matches, but with the flexibility for any kind of targeting from your optimized product titles.

You can dynamically insert any variables in your feed into the ad copy. For instance, you can have changing prices, availability, or even discounts in the ad copy:

clothing example2

dynamic text ad example
The Feedonomics solution to dynamic text ads uses Adwords APIs for ad customizers to make sure your text ads are always in sync with your product feed, helping you avoid lost ad spend on products that are out of stock.
Learn how this dress store increased ROAS by 125% with dynamic text ads.
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