Adwords dynamic text ads

Easily Create Adwords Dynamic Text Ads

Why choose Feedonomics to create inventory-aware Adwords campaigns?

  • Leverage your feed to create dynamic Adwords campaigns.
  • Dynamically insert attributes into your ad copy.
  • Automatically pause out of stock items.
  • Alter ad copy without losing your performance history.
“The most powerful data feed automation technology” – Adhawk

Automotive Marketing Options –

Dynamic text ads for selling new and used cars

Dress client uses Dynamic Text Ads with Feedonomics to achieve a 125% ROAS Increase on Google Adwords

“Before Feedonomics, we had manually created static brand+model number Adwords campaigns, and had a lot of wasted ad spend when products went out of stock. Automating the full process with Feedonomics helped us increase ROAS by 125% and have a 54% decrease in CPA! ” Read More

Large Dress Shop Client

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“The excellent product offering and customer support that Feedonomics provides was key to unlocking many of Samsung’s business challenges to drive success. Without Feedonomics’ automated technology and Shopping expertise, Samsung would not be able to continually be first to market and would instead be losing out to competition.”

Michael Durey, Performance Marketing Lead, Samsung Electronics

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“The Feedonomics team had been able to transform our data to meet all of our requirements, including setting up secure SFTP connections. We have dramatically improved our ability to leverage our clean data feeds in many more ways. Now, we are better than our data!”

Marv Ahlstrom, Search Manager, HD Supply FM

Google shopping feed management team - Feedonomics employees

Meet the dedicated team that works tirelessly to deliver results and provide full-service 24/7 support.

The Feedonomics solution to dynamic text ads uses Adwords APIs for ad customizers to make sure your text ads are always in sync with your product feed, helping you avoid lost ad spend on products that are out of stock.