Scalable ingestion from any data source

Import data from different sources in order to optimize or standardize it within the Feedonomics platform

Data Capabilities: Ingestion

If you’re looking to ingest data from numerous sources or import your product data from various locations, our platform streamlines these processes at scale.

No matter where you house your data, Feedonomics can connect to your system of record and pull that data into our platform. Feedonomics has the power and flexibility to handle the most complex data setups.

Powerful automation

17 B

rows of data processed per day


import downloads per day

11 B

terabytes of import data downloaded per day


load/join operations per day

Flexible technology

Connect with the top ecommerce platforms and systems

Accept a variety of file formats, including delimited (CSV, TSV, etc.), XML, JSON, and NDJSON

Import data via URL, SFTP, API, or local upload

We can even set up custom web crawls to scrape product data from a merchant’s website

Flexible technology

What group best defines you?

Learn how our ingestion capabilities help solve specific challenges in your industry.

Brands and Retailers
Ecommerce Technology Solution
Vehicles and Automotive
Jobs and Employment
System Integrators (SIs)
B2B, manufacturers and distributors

We’d love to learn more about the data you’re ingesting and where you’re pulling it from.

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