Checkout on Instagram: What It Means for eCommerce

Instagram is a social media platform with strong engagement among its users. Instagrammers are attracted to the eye-catching photography and viral moments.

Since its early days, Instagrammers have been turning to this platform for inspiration – discovering and shopping from brands that inspire them. This visual appeal gives brands the opportunity to feature products through organic posts and stories.

Feedonomics + Instagram

Feedonomics and Instagram have entered a new partnership through which the Feedonomics’ platform will enable new and existing clients to easily onboard to Checkout on Instagram.

To do this, Feedonomics optimizes your product data so that you can get your items listed on marketplace channels such as Instagram.

Welcome to Checkout on Instagram

Checkout on Instagram was introduced in March, offering users a simple path to purchase. However, Checkout on Instagram is currently in closed beta and is an invite-only program. For those who are not as familiar, Checkout on Instagram enhances the shopping experience by allowing users to place orders directly on Instagram from a select number of brands, including Zara, MAC Cosmetics, and Michael Kors.

Image source: Instagram

Shop the Looks from Creators and Influencers

People spend time on Instagram to keep up with their friends and family, curate new ideas, and to follow celebrities and public figures from the world of sports, fashion, music and more. Often times, influencers and creators will mention the products that they are using or clothes that they are wearing in their posts and stories. With the new shopping from creators feature, the experience is even easier.

Creators will now have the ability to tag products in their posts so that people can shop their favorite styles on the spot, without leaving Instagram. This means brands will have a new way to reach an audience that is actively looking to their favorite influencer for fashion inspiration. This feature will be available to businesses that opt into the Checkout on Instagram beta program. To learn more click here.

Need Help Getting Started?

Please note the first phase of Checkout on Instagram is in beta. If you feel you would be a good fit for Checkout on Instagram, please schedule a free demo and see what solutions we can offer your business today!