Checkout on Instagram, also known as Instagram Shopping, is the entire shopping journey – all in one place. Checkout on Instagram makes it quick, easy and secure for people to buy products they find on Instagram, without leaving the app. Currently, 1 billion accounts are active on Instagram every month, making it the second most used social network, only behind Facebook (Instagram Internal Data – 2018). This presents a huge opportunity for eCommerce sellers. Sellers looking to maximize their success with checkout on Instagram should check out the tips below!

Create 20+ Shoppable Posts Per Month

Shoppable posts are the primary driver for discovering your products. In order to be successful on the platform, Facebook recommends creating at least 20 shoppable posts per month. You’ll want to employ the social media strategies that engage your audience, like posting when your audience is most active, and recognizing patterns in your content that attracts likes, shares or comments. Just like influencers (content creators), sellers should strive to post every day, or close to it.

Shoppable Posts can turn tagged products into placed orders.

Post lifestyle photos or clear photos of your product and tag them. When your customers tap on the photo, they’ll see a product tag with a “Buy on Instagram” option directing them to the checkout experience.

Take Advantage of Video

According to Emily Wilson, from the Marketing Partnerships team at Facebook, video will account for 78% of mobile data traffic by 2021. Instagram, in particular, is tailored to mobile devices, so mix it up and stay ahead of the eCommerce curve by posting creative video content. Checkout on Instagram will allow you to tag up to five products in a video post.

Promotions for Instagram

Promotions can help you create buzz around your products and reward your followers with special discounts. You can create a promotion through Commerce Manager on Facebook, and you can choose which products to include in your promotion. Shoppers will see the discounted price, as well as the strike-through price when they tap on the tagged product on Instagram.

Selling through Creators

Work with creators (influencers) to boost the reach of your products. You can grant creators permission to tag your products from your catalog, so your products can be purchased through checkout directly from the creator’s posts. This will help you market your products to their followers, with the opportunity for conversions on the spot. You will be able to see the Insights and engagement metrics of creators’ posts that feature your products.

You can see the Insights for creators’ posts that feature your products.

Set Up a Facebook Page Shop

Since you’re doing the work of setting up a catalog and tagging your products, make sure that you’re also linking your accounts to Facebook’s other channels to take advantage of the dual benefits that Facebook and Instagram offer! You can create a Facebook Page Shop from the same optimized data feed catalog that you’re using for checkout on Instagram. The Shop will show your products, and customers will be able to buy them directly from your Facebook page.

Maintain Good Account Health

To maximize your sales opportunities, take some time to review your Account Health to understand your performance on the Instagram platform. Make sure you are meeting Facebook’s requirements to ensure a great customer experience. You’ll learn vital insights to shipping and delivery performance metrics (e.g. late shipping, invalid tracking, and cancellations), customer service metrics (i.e. negative reviews), and your average product rating. Just like with a brick-and-mortar store, positive online customer experience can create brand loyalty and lead to word-of-mouth recommendations.

We hope the tips above will help you become a checkout on Instagram rock star! Make sure to keep up with our blog for more helpful tips about selling on marketplaces.

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