Sync product data to your ecommerce platform with ease

List new products and update listings, pricing, and inventory at scale

Sync product data to your ecommerce platform — seamlessly
Syncing product data to your ecommerce platform isn’t simple

Ecommerce platform sync with Feedonomics

Whether you’re replatforming to a new commerce solution or trying to maintain the accuracy of catalog data sourced from multiple systems, you need a dependable method for syncing product data to your ecommerce store.

Feedonomics improves listing quality while reducing the need for manual updates:

  • Save time and developer resources
  • Ensure accurate inventory and pricing
  • Enable flexible import scheduling and listing management

Ecommerce platform sync is currently available to BigCommerce users, with Shopify support coming soon.

A solution to unlock scalable commerce

Whenever there are changes to your source data, our solution automatically creates new product listings or updates existing SKUs in your store’s product page.

  • Import and map data from diverse sources (ERP, PIM, drop shippers, multiple suppliers and vendors, warehouses)
  • Support multiple languages, catalogs with millions of SKUs, and multi-storefront options
  • Apply large-scale optimizations and updates to thousands of products at once, including the creation and management of product categories and variations
Ecommerce Platform Sync with Feedonomics
Improve your ecommerce store experience
Improve your ecommerce store experience with better data

Enhance and optimize your on-site catalog. Join supplemental data into your system, standardize it for your existing workflows, and use data governance systems to protect the quality of your listings.

Save time and resources
Renew focus on your business objectives

According to Gartner, 83% of data migration projects fail or exceed their budgets and schedules. Feedonomics helps you save development resources and focus on other business initiatives.

Preserve data quality
Tap into the power of real-time data sync

Event-Driven Real-Time Sync allows sellers to update any attribute—including key information like price and inventory—in real time. For example, this technology can be used to reflect fluctuating prices for retailers in the precious metals market.

Feedonomics experts

Rely on the experts to get it done

Our feed experts become an extension of your team and guide you through the migration process. Tap into our industry-leading support to keep projects on track, monitor import and export errors, and implement the data changes you require.