Google Shopping Actions is now called Buy On Google. Retailer Standards

Buy on Google (formerly Google Shopping Actions) evaluates retailers on:

  • Defect rate
  • Shipping defect rate
  • Gross sales
  • Total orders

Top Retailers get benefits like discounts on commission and more visibility in searches.

Your Buy on Google monthly score computed from previous 90 days

Performance can be checked within Google Merchant Center


Here are some of the metrics:


Top Retailer

Item defect rate: 1% or less

Shipping defect rate: 2% or less

Sales goal – $15K (90 days)

Item goal – 300 (90 days)

Meeting Standards

Item defect rate:  1-10%

Shipping defect rate: 2-7%

Below Standards

Item defect rate above 10%

Shipping defect rate: above 7%