9 Best Advertising Channels for Automotive Parts

If you sell automotive parts, like mufflers, tires or windshield wipers, there are hundreds of channels you can try to advertise your products, but which are the best?

Below you’ll find some of the best advertising channels for automotive parts that you should be on.

Google Shopping

For your basic eCommerce needs, look no further than Google Shopping. Not only is Google Shopping have one of the most intuitive and popular shopping platforms, but it sets the gold standard for how the average eCommerce channel operates.

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Amazon is one of the most popular and commonly-used eCommerce networks. The strength of Amazon goes farther than brand recognition –  with an entire branch of their website devoted to automotive parts, you can rest assured that potential customers will have a clear path to find your products. Amazon even has an “Automotive Parts Finder” feature that allows customers to easily search for auto parts for your saved vehicles!

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eBay is a website we’re all familiar with, but in today’s eCommerce era, eBay has taken on a whole new form. Not only is eBay a great way to sell individual items – it’s a fantastic platform to reach consumers who are looking to pay less. Your automotive products will reach an engaged audience through eBay.

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VidaXL is a platform that specializes in pushing certain key categories, including home & garden, furniture, and of course, automotive parts. VidaXL is partnered with UPS, which benefits setting up complex shipping plans. Their emphasis on their special Auctions allows you to plan big sales around the competition.

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Twenga.com is a great resource to find even the most obscure auto parts. With their built-in system for monitoring the most searched items, you can build your Twenga store based around your best search engine optimization practices.

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SortPrice.com is both an eCommerce portal and a valuable reference for comparing prices between similar items. If your automotive goods end up in their ‘Hot Deals’ tab, every potential customer interested in automotive parts will be directed straight to your products.

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With ShopMania.com, you can sort your products based on a variety of different categories. ShopMania in particular has an extensive catalog of motorcycle parts and accessories – if you are interested in reaching a large base of motorcycle users, look no further than ShopMania.

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Founded based of off common pain points for eBay users, both buyer and seller, PriceFalls is a service platform dedicated to strong customer service and usability. If you are trying to use eBay but are having troubles, PriceFalls is the platform you’ve been waiting for.

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If you are looking for a powerfully optimized eCommerce store that runs off of the simple and easy to use Connexity system, look no further. PriceGrabber offers a wide and exhaustive list of categories, so you can be sure that your customers will find the exact autoparts that you are looking to sell.

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