6 Best Advertising Channels for Animal Products

If you sell pet products for dogs, cats, or even exotic species, there are hundreds of channels you can try to advertise your products, but which are the best?

Below you’ll find some of the best advertising channels for animal and pet products that you should be on.

Google Shopping


Google Shopping is one of the most recognizable advertising channels in the world. It’s highly relevant search results, huge search volume, and prominent position on the Google search page make it an important channel for any retailer to be on. Pet and animal product sellers should definitely try Google Shopping if they are not yet using it as one of their advertising channels.

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VidaXL is a platform that specializes in pushing certain key categories, including home & garden, furniture, and of course, pet products. Using their easy product integration system, every retailer is just a few steps away from reaching over 1 billion potential customers in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

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Twenga.com is a price comparison channel with products from 4000 clients in 15 different countries. Utilizing relevant search term data from Adwords and Google Shopping, their built-in system customizes your Twenga store to align with your company’s eCommerce goals.

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SortPrice.com is a leading eCommerce portal that constantly pushes to stay ahead of the game. Unlike other platforms, SortPrice charges a single monthly fee rather than using a PPC model, protecting their clients from the costly effects of click fraud. SortPrice also pioneered a way for retailers to sell their products directly on Facebook in 2008 to take advantage the then untapped market of Social Commerce.

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If you are looking for a powerfully optimized eCommerce store that runs off of the simple and easy to use Connexity system, look no further. PriceGrabber offers a wide and exhaustive list of categories, so you can be sure that your customers will find the exact products that they are looking for.

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Pricefalls is a marketplace that focuses on customer service as well as dedication to sellers. It was founded out of the frustrations of selling on eBay, and, as a result, tries to address those pain points for consumers as well as merchants.

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