Connexity Feed Management

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Connexity is the parent company of several of the largest price comparison websites, including Shopzilla, Bizrate, PriceGrabber and Become. All together, Connexity boasts a network of 30 million users, with 175 million products total.


How to Setup Your Connexity Feed

The Connexity feed specs are similar to that of other CSEs, with a few key differences.


Here are the required, sometimes required, and recommended fields:

Unique ID – Required

Title – Required

Description – Required

Category – Required

Product URL – Required

Image URL – Required

Condition – Required

Availability – Required

Current Price – Required

Item Group ID – Sometimes Required

Brand – Sometimes Required

GTIN – Sometimes Required

MPN – Sometimes Required

Gender – Sometimes Required

Age Group – Sometimes Required

Size – Sometimes Required

Color – Sometimes Required

Material – Sometimes Required

Pattern – Sometimes Required

Additional Image URL – Optional

Original Price – Optional

ASIN – Optional

Ship Cost – Optional

Ship Weight – Optional

Bid – Optional

Promo Text – Optional


When fields are sometimes required, we still recommend adding them whenever available, as doing so will definitely help with the performance of your feed.


One of the key differences between Connexity and any other channel is the Connexity category taxonomy. You can’t simply use Google Shopping categories, but we have a tool that can automatically convert categories from Google Shopping to Connexity categories!


Connexity Feed Optimization


Also of interest in connection to the recent PriceGrabber acquisition by Connexity is how to avoid losing revenue during the transition.

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