Google Shopping Feed Management

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Google Shopping Feed Management

Challenges when listing on Google Shopping

Google shopping product listing

Syndicating Products

Our full-service team of experts will list your products on Google Shopping.


Constantly A/B test product titles to improve performance.


Use your existing systems and process to fulfill marketplace orders from Buy On Google.


Automatically receive notifications on errors and warnings in Google Merchant Center

The Feedonomics Solution

Digital agencies and brands can substantially reduce their operational overhead while significantly improving performance, simply by having Feedonomics manage their Google Shopping listings.

Boost your Google Shopping sales

Feedonomics is a powerful platform packed with special features that ensure your product listings are optimized. Our full service offering includes a dedicated team of specialists available 24/7.

Listing optimization

More relevant, optimized content gets you to the top of search results.

Dynamic Data

Your data will stay up to date and optimized with any changes you make on your end.


Ensuring your products are placed in the right category is a crucial part of our feed optimization.


Import, export, optimize, and much more without touching a single thing.

Custom Labels

We can use performance and margin data on a per SKU basis to create powerful bid segments.

Joining Data

Join any data from any source. Normalize everything with ease.

Want to learn more? Find out why the world’s most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics.

Google merchant center alerts

Google Merchant Center alerts

Unresolved Google Merchant Center (GMC) errors and disapprovals can result in thousands of dollars of lost revenue per day.


Check for errors twice a day


Set any kind of error threshold you want


Receive email alert with detailed error stats


Our team can resolve feed errors for you

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Split testing Google shopping ads

A/B split testing

Split Tests

Titles – Find out which titles are performing better. For example, adding the brand name at the beginning versus the end of the title.

Images – Test different images to see which ones perform better.

Promotional wording – Test what wording entices more clicks on your ad. Example “Summer Sale” or “20% off Sale.”

Actionable Data

Split testing provides insights to help improve your campaign’s performance.  We have created a tool to help advertisers gain insights from real world search data. 

Split testing Google shopping ads
Google shopping search term report


FeedTelligence™ allows you to see the actual phrases people are entering into Google search to find your products. Use this actionable data to improve your campaign’s performance. Check out our Department Store Case Study.

Find Missing Keywords

  • See what keywords are missing in your titles
  • Visualize results on a per SKU basis
  • Revenue metrics included

Real World Case Study

Using FeedTelligence™, we identified missing converted search terms and added them to product titles. Impression Share skyrocketed by over 200% with a 117% increase in Revenue.


Ambush Skateboarding Case Study

Conversions increased by 115% with Shopping Actions.

We partnered with Ambush Board Co., a global leader in board sports retail, to study the impact of running Shopping Actions in parallel with Shopping Ads. We discovered that when using both strategies, it increased their product exposure and boosted sales.

Google Shopping Ads Success Story

“We’ve been running Shopping Ads for the past five years and saw an opportunity to further boost our visibility on Google. By using Google Shopping Actions to feature our products on more platforms, we were able to more than double our revenue.”

Eric Elliott, Co-Founder, Ambush Board Co.

Key Stats


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Total Revenue

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