Google Shopping Feed Management

Supercharged Product Listings
That Perform

As an online merchant, it is critical to have your products listed on Google Shopping. However, making it work can be very challenging. We can help you get to the top and stay there!

Feedonomics offers solutions to get your

products live on Google Shopping, fast!

Cutting Edge Technology with Feedonomics


Your dedicated FeedFillment™ team will optimize your listings using our best practices.

Dynamic Data

Your data will stay up to date and optimized with any changes you make on your end. 

Custom Labels

Use custom labels to segment your data. We can even use performance and margin data on a per SKU basis and create algorithmic rules to maximize your profits.

Joining Data

Join any data from any source. Normalize everything with ease.

Clean Data

Get rid of white spaces, HTML, duplicates, and anything else that will get in your way.


Import, export, optimize, and much more without touching a single thing. 

Pull Data From Anywhere

We can pull your data from any feed file, shopping platform, or custom site with any kind of schedule.

More Features

Full Service

Full service means we do all the hard work. We become an extension of your company.

24/7 Support

We are always there when you need us. Our global support teams are ready to help.

Intelligent Platform

Control all your feeds from a single dashboard. Our platform is bursting with special features, insightful reports, and powerful tools.

We offer many more features.

Schedule a demo with us to see everything in action.

We work with over 25% of the top 1,000 internet retailers.

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The Feedonomics Experience

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