Retailers Spend More on Black Friday than Cyber Monday

When it comes time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers need to be extremely focused to not miss out on the most profitable couple days of the year. Preparing for the most important 2 days of the year can take a lot of planning and resource allocation; it’s critical that a retailer’s approach to these two days is perfect.

Nanigans, a marketing company based in Boston, released a study showing what retailers look at when approaching the holiday rush. According to Nanigans, about $23 billion is spent in digital advertising, with most of it being spent during the holidays.

Holiday ads can show up as early as August for some retailers and about 94% of retailers are in full holiday mode by early November. It’s no surprise seeing as most companies spend almost 25% of their digital ad budget during this short time period, according to eMarketer.



The most interesting finding is that about 63% of sales during this weekend are during Black Friday, with Cyber Monday generating about 20% of sales, and the remaining 17% of sales during the weekend in between.

When it comes to the online giants, Google spends the most on online ads, with Facebook coming in second, and Amazon in third. It’s critical to join in and have your products on all of these channels to have a successful holiday rush.



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