The Best Campaign Tactics To Maximize Revenue This Black Friday And Cyber Monday

With the holiday rush just around the corner and more brands looking to capture consumer’s attentions, what are you doing to stand out this holiday season?

We compiled a list of some of the top strategies to look into implementing, which depend of course on your product mix and how consumers purchase those products.

1. Merchant Promotions

Google’s Merchant Promotions are a great way to call out sales on products in your Shopping ads. It pairs well with your current text ad promotions. Remember that they must adhere to Google’s Editorial guidelines and rules regarding Merchant Promotions.  The best part is you can run multiple promotions though an individual product can only have one promotion_id associated with it, so make sure to allocate the best promotion to a product.

2. Google Shopping Custom Labels

There are numerous uses for custom labels, but since we are talking about the holiday season, here are just a few potential strategies to implement.

Sale Items

If there are products that are on sale, using a custom label to identify those products with a price drop makes it easier to bid differently in a current campaign or pull into a higher priority campaign all by themselves to give them great visibility.

Holiday Bundles, Seasonal Products, or Gifts

Maybe you have some products that fit this description, but they are categorized and mixed with all the rest of your products which makes it difficult to pull them out. With a custom label in place, you’ll be able to group these high focus items together.

3. Location Targeting / Local PLAs

Do you have historical data on which types of products sell better in different parts of the country? Or maybe your company has a brick and mortar location as well and want to drive more traffic both online and in-store? Then make sure your campaigns are taking advantage of location targeting and local shopping ads. This is a great way to increase getting in front of your customers in the right markets.

4. Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to target people who have already been to your website and even added products to their shopping cart, but haven’t converted yet. They are very simple to get set up and are a great way to get those previous visitors to come back to complete a sale.

5. Know your competition

Of course, if you have competitors that sell the same or similar products, make sure to keep an eye on the tactics they could be using. This can help you either bid more strategically to gain market share or focus on another category that they aren’t being as aggressive in.