Product Feeds

Product feeds are made up of all of the product data attributes on an eCommerce merchant’s website, like the product titles, descriptions, images, links, and prices. Product feeds can also have data attributes for child (variant) products like size, color, and material.


Product feeds are mainly used in data feed marketing for advertising products on Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs), remarketing channels, affiliate networks, and marketplaces. Examples of CSEs that rely on product feeds include Google Shopping and Bing Shopping, also called product listing ads, and these are also considered PLA feed channels, and are entirely feed based. Remarketing channels are also completely feed based, and include channels like Google Shopping Dynamic Remarketing, and Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. Affiliate Networks that ingest shopping feeds include Commission Junction and eBay Pepperjam. Marketplaces like Amazon or eBay allow merchants to upload product feeds manually by listing products one at a time, or with automated product feeds.


Feedonomics is the best product feed management platform for working with merchant product feeds from any shopping platform, like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce. Feedonomics lets you easily optimize the attributes in product feeds, and export the product feeds to any channel like Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Amazon, and many more.