3 Best Product Review Platforms

If you are an online merchant, there are hundreds of review platforms you can try to advertise your products on, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best product review channels for your store.


BazaarVoicebazaarvoiceBazaarVoice helps merchants connect with people who are interested in their products. They claim to be the world’s largest shopping network and work with over 5,000 big name brands. Billions of user generated content have been created through BazaarVoice.

BazaarVoice feed specifications.


PowerReviewspower reviews

PowerReviews is another product review platform. They claim that you will see an increase in authentic product reviews, grow website traffic from search engines crawling PowerReviews content, and get valuable feedback on your products.

PowerReviews feed specifications.


ViewPointsviewpointsViewPoints was founded in 2007, growing its registered users to more than 250,000 and reaching out to more than 60 million people since then. ViewPoints allows users to review products they own or look through other people’s reviews.



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