Olapic is a top platform for turning Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts into content you can embed on your own website to get more sales. In order to actually make use of Olapic, you need to get an XML product feed sent over on an automatic schedule.

There are 2 ways to get the product feed over to Olapic, but both options require complex XML in either the Olapic schema, or the XML Google Product schema. If you want to be able to handle more complex operations in Olapic, like deleting products or handling multiple UPC codes, you will need to use the Olapic format, which looks like:


It’s by no means simple, as the categories for your products are separated from the products. As a result of the XML complexity, converting your product data to the XML format the Olapic requires can take months. You’ll need to also schedule a feed to be sent over on a recurrent basis.

Luckily, Feedonomics has already solved the entire challenge of getting Olapic the feed they require. Just get us your product feed in ANY format possible, and we can automatically map it to the XML format Olapic needs.