BazaarVoice is an awesome way to leverage your own user’s content to drive more sales. If you’ve just started working with BazaarVoice, the first thing you need to do is provide BazaarVoice with an XML product feed.


You’ve probably taken a look at the BazaarVoice 23 page product feed spec PDF and nearly had a heart attack. Instead of using a relatively simple CSV format like the Google Shopping or Bing Shopping feed, BazaarVoice has their own feed format which requires you to separate your brand and category data from the products themselves.

An example BazaarVoice XML file looks unnecessarily complex:


You hang your head because you know your only choice is to put the BazaarVoice XML product feed creation on a 3 month sprint with your development team. It could take even longer because in addition to formatting the feed properly, you also need to be able to transfer it via FTP or SFTP to BazaarVoice.

But… fortunately you’re in luck, because Feedonomics supports an effortless creation of the BazaarVoice feed format! Instead of waiting months for the feed format to be implemented, you can create a dynamic BazaarVoice XML feed in a day!

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