Podcast On How Better Data Feeds Lead to Bigger Profits

The company with the best product feeds wins. Your marketing efforts can only be as good as the data that feeds them.

Listen to our podcast to learn more:

  • Why it’s essential taking the time to build a good product feed.
  • Perfecting your product feeds
  • Feed mistakes to avoid
  • Amazon product listings tips
  • Amazon Brand Registry, Why we do this?
  • Facebook feed marketing
  • Walmart eCommerce a hot place to get listed.
  • Understanding Google Manufacturer Center
  • Plus so much more!

Find out why the world's most prolific brands and online retailers choose Feedonomics.

Brian Roizen is the Cofounder and Chief Architect of Feedonomics, a full-service feed optimization platform that optimizes product data for hundreds of channels. He has been featured on numerous podcasts and eCommerce webinars, and regularly contributes to Search Engine Land and other industry-leading blogs. Brian graduated summa cum laude from UCLA with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.