How Better Data Feeds Lead to Bigger Profits

Feedonomics Discussion Guide

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I’m Dan Trzinski, president of Platypus Advertising and Design.
And I’m Nancy Christopher, PR director at Platypus.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the shopping feeds that show up on your
computer screen when you are online. Where do they come from
and how can you get your product there? Please welcome Brian
Roizen, cofounder and chief architect at Feedonomics, an
advanced shopping feed management system that allows you to
easily import, optimize, and feed products to multiple channels
like Google Shopping, Amazon, and eBay to name a few. Thanks
for joining us, Brian.

– How does Feedonomics work?
– You built it. What are some of the advantages of your feed
management system over others?
– What channels or marketplaces do you feed to?
– How many products do you need to have to use you?
– I always see feeds from big retailers like Walmart or Best
Buy. Can a small retailer be included in these feeds?
– What is a google merchant center?
– Can anyone sell on Google Shopping?

– What do you need from retailers to get started?
– Are you able to change products and prices once you’ve
already received the data feed?
– How long can your data stay up on Google?
– How long does it take to get on feeds like Amazon or E-Bay?
– I love one of the mantras on our website, “many of us are
more capable than some of us. None of us is more capable
than all of us.” Tell us a little about the culture at
– What’s best way to connect with you, Brian?

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