Google Shopping is getting a major update!

Big changes are happening to Google Express! This update includes a website and app redesign to create a better, more personalized user-experience. Along with the design revamp comes a name change, as the Google Express app will soon be known as the Google Shopping app.

What other changes can we expect?

Personalized Google Shopping Homepage

The website is being redesigned with a new homepage. Consumers will be able to filter products by brand names or features/attributes, as well as read product reviews and watch videos. For example, let’s say you want to buy noise canceling headphones. You’ll be able to filter products with descriptive features like “noise canceling” or the name “Bose.”

team meeting about transitioning feeds

Image source: Google

Blue Shopping Cart Button

Certain products on Google Shopping will have a blue shopping cart icon. The shopping cart button indicates that these items can added to Google’s universal shopping cart and paid for with a saved credit card. Consumers can purchase multiple products, from various retailers, using a universal shopping cart. Those purchases are backed by a Google guarantee with customer support and returns handled by Google.

Sound familiar? This blending of Google Shopping Actions and Google Express is now being referred to as the “Google Shopping” experience.

Shopping Ads

This upgrade means that merchants and advertisers can now choose which Google services they want their ads to surface on. Platforms include Google Shopping, Google Assistant, Google Images, Google Discover, and YouTube.

When consumers turn to Google Search for product research or watch a product unboxing video on YouTube, a merchant’s ad could surface, creating a seamless shopping experience.

This update represents a better user-experience for the consumer and the potential to improve click-through rates for advertisers, as well as increase conversions.