Google Shopping in Beta Testing in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

If you’re lucky (already sell internationally and are a large merchant), you may have received the following email from Google this week.

This is a great update from when we originally reported 6 months ago that Google Shopping was going to expand to 11 more countries. What’s interesting is that Hong Kong wasn’t on the original list but is apparently one of the countries in beta testing now.

“Dear Merchant Center User,
We noticed that your Merchant Center account is associated with an AdWords account running search ads in a country where we’ve recently launched a beta of Shopping Campaigns: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

If you sell and ship products to any of these countries, you can now expand your reach by creating Shopping Ads in these countries. To get started, you’ll need first to submit a new feed, and then create a new AdWords campaign.

Submit a new feed

If you primarily sell the same products in multiple countries, or if your website doesn’t have separate product pages for each country’s currency, you can use the currency conversion tool to reduce time preparing the feed. Simply copy an existing feed and remove any products you don’t want to advertise in the new country and Google will automatically display your product prices in local currency.

The Google Shopping Team”

Feel free to contact us if you need help with international feeds!