FBA and Referral Fee Changes are Coming to Amazon Australia

Amazon is adjusting FBA and referral fees for Amazon.com.au. The updates are being made to reflect the changing costs of transportation, storage, fulfillment, and customer service.

The new FBA and referral fee rates will take into effect on November 1, 2019.

For each item that is listed and sold on Amazon, a seller pays a referral fee. Items in certain categories have a per item minimum referral fee, meaning that sellers will either pay the greater of the referral fee or the per item minimum referral fee.

Amazon will be reducing the referral fee percentage in the Beauty, Baby, Health & Personal Care, Grocery, and Pets categories to 7% for products with a total sales price equal or below $20 AUD. Either a 9% or 15% referral fee will be charged for products with a total sales price that is greater than $20 AUD.

According to Amazon, “We will be ending the FBA fulfilment fee promotion and reverting fulfilment fees to their non-promotional rates. However, we are pleased to note that the final non-promotional rates will be lower than the rates that were originally advertised when FBA was launched in Australia in February 2018.”

Some examples include:

Product size tierFulfilment fee before November 1, 2019Fulfilment fee on November 1, 2019 and after
Small envelope 100 g$1.32$1.48
Standard envelope 100 g$1.32$1.48
Standard envelope 250 g$1.37$1.53
Standard envelope 500 g$1.90$2.13
Parcel 250 g$3.06$3.06

Click here to see a detailed fee schedule, highlighting the current and new fulfillment fees, as well as the dates that they take into effect.