Amazon raises third party seller fees for apparel, accessories, handbags, and sunglasses

Amazon have further increased the fees on some of the core product categories. Apparel, accessories, handbags and sunglasses. Clothing & accessories will now pay 17% of the total sale price, this increase is a going to add greater profits to the already hugely profitable company.  The set date for the increase is 15 April 2018 (midnight PST). Look out for more fee increases from the online retail giant in the coming months as they continue to establish their online mall status.

Jewelry, however is getting a fee reduction, the refer fees are going back to 20% sales price. The date for the jewelry increase is set for midnight 22 February 2018.

Amazon leads the race with over 50% of all online clothing sales, I guess the fee increases are perfectly timed to cash in on the wave they seem to be riding.