8 Best Affiliate Channels in the US

If you are an online merchant in the US, there are hundreds of affiliate channels you can work with, but which ones are the best?

Below you will find some of the best affiliate channels to be on in the US.




Avantlink is one of the top 10 leading affiliate networks and one of the top 50 fastest growing companies in Utah. They focus on providing some of the newest technology in the industry and believe in new and innovative solutions to old problems.

Avantlink feed specifications.




ClixGalore is an online affiliate channel that offers several flexible solutions to clients. They have five different programs that cater to every kind of merchant. ClixGalore also provides several monitoring tools to track critical data.

ClixGalore feed specifications.


Ebay Commerce Network

Ebay Commerce Network is made up of several websites, including Shopping.com, CNET, and Consumer Reports. Their advertisements look and behave very similarly to those of Google Shopping’s ads. Having access to so many different major websites and being able to use powerful tools makes Ebay Commerce Network a great affiliate channel to consider.

Ebay Commerce Network feed specifications.




LinkConnector has become one of the top 10 affiliate channels over the past 10 years. LinkConnector works with many of the top 500 online retailers, giving clients access to a large number of connections.

LinkConnector feed specifications.




Pepperjam is one of the top affiliate channels online. After being acquired by eBay in 2011, Pepperjam has gained thousands of publishers to promote their client’s products. The amount of resources Pepperjam provides makes them an easy choice for sellers to turn to.

Pepperjam feed specifications.




Promodeals has been around for many years. They focus on advertising on high traffic websites, reaching out to thousands of people per day. They offer 24/7 content publishing, campaign management outside of working hours, and bring years of experience to the table.




Purch is an online affiliate channel that uses a data-driven platform to fit your specific needs. They can reach out to millions of specifically targeted consumers across any device. They provide unique and animated advertising options that stand out amongst the rest.

Purch feed specifications.




ShareASale has been offering affiliate marketing for over 18 years. With several thousands of merchants, ShareASale has grown into a considerable force in online marketing. In January 2017, ShareASale was acquired by Awin, growing its presence to international levels.

ShareASale feed specifications.


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