Walmart is offering free 2 day shipping for millions of it’s online products starting mid November.
Walmart has offered 2 day shipping before. The key difference now is that they offer this service for products that are sold by third party sellers on Walmart’s marketplace.
After partnering up with hundreds of its marketplace sellers, Walmart is now able to compete with Amazon’s Prime service. However, this offer is only available for purchases over $35.



On top of improving shipping for third party sellers, Walmart has also improved their return policy for third party products. Soon, customers will be able to print out a return slip from their own home and send products directly back to the seller.
Starting mid November, customers will also be able to bring back a packaged product to a Walmart store and have Walmart return it on their behalf. This is the biggest news considering it is something Amazon is currently not able to do. With Walmart having thousands of accessible stores, returning an online product is just a short trip away.

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