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Walmart is quickly becoming the third largest US marketplace after Amazon and eBay.

After acquiring for over $3 billion, and for $70 million, Walmart is one of the top contenders to take on Amazon.


How to start selling products on Walmart

First you will need to be approved as as Walmart Marketplace Seller.

After you are approved you can log into Seller Center, and navigate to the Items & Inventory > Feed Status

From there you can see the current status of all your feeds.


Once there, you can also submit feeds manually through Excel, or use a more automated solution like Feedonomics!

Walmart’s fees are very similar to Amazon’s, where you pay up to 15% of the full value.





Listing items on Walmart is possible either by “Setup by Match” or “Setup by Category”

If you choose setup by match, you won’t need to download the different category templates for Excel. The way it works in Walmart’s backend is a match on Product ID, SKU, or ASIN.


Common Walmart Errors


Walmart has an old site and a new site. The old Walmart documentation site links to the new one, but make sure you use the new one!

– Old Walmart Seller API Documentation:
– New Walmart Seller API Documentation:

– Walmart’s payload documentation isn’t always completely correct.

– Even though you won’t find this documented anywhere, a line break is required in the xml payload

If you don’t have it, you will often see a message like: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”yes”?><ns2:errors xmlns:ns2=”“><ns2:error><ns2:code>SYSTEM_ERROR.GMP_GATEWAY_API</ns2:code><ns2:field>PDR-0012</ns2:field><ns2:description></ns2:description><ns2:info>System encountered some internal error.</ns2:info><ns2:severity>ERROR</ns2:severity><ns2:category>SYSTEM</ns2:category><ns2:causes/><ns2:errorIdentifiers/></ns2:error></ns2:errors>

– That line break is in the wrong location in their documentation

– The attributes for the root node tag doesn’t matter. You can have no attributes.

– The XSD they provide can be used locally to validate, but it has a few errors (e.g. Furniture category for bulk item feed requiring color, but not allowing a value for it, complaining the XSD specifies “element-only”)

– The fact that the request header is multipart/form-data means the payload has to be formatted in a certain way, which is HTTP knowledge, but not anywhere on Walmart’s doc site, which might contribute to longer time to integration for those unfamiliar.

Walmart authorization uses a Java .jar program, which isn’t ideal for developing in any other language.


Need help with Walmart Feed Management? 

Feedonomics is a full Walmart integration partner and we can help you automate your full Walmart listing and order management process. Drop us a line below!


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