Instagram Adds Augmented Reality (AR) to Shopping Experience

Instagram has introduced a pilot program with select brands to test out an augmented reality “changing room” experience.

Facebook’s Spark AR Studio allows you to virtually try on items that you can buy through Instagram.

Image source: Instagram

The four brands that have opted into the pilot program are:

  • MAC Cosmetics,
  • NARS Cosmetics
  • Ray-Ban
  • Warby Parker

Want to see how that shade of lipstick looks on you or those Ray-Ban sunglasses? Now you can with Spark AR! The tool lets you experiment with different colors or models by tapping through various options within Instagram’s interface. After you’ve tried on the product during your virtual fitting, you can purchase it without leaving Instagram.

Image source: Instagram

You can access this “changing room” function directly from feed posts, as well as the brand’s shop pages and Stories. To try out this feature, you’ll need the latest version of Instagram’s mobile app.

Instagram’s AR shopping experience is the latest tool within Checkout On Instagram that takes shopping to a new level, helping minimize the obstacles between the moment of discovery and a completed purchase.